Why do Men Pay for Escort Services in Malta

Do some men pay to have sex with other people even if they are in relationships? Well, men are naturally adventurous and well, sex and women are parts of their lives. There is a study that was conducted regarding if men do pay for escort services in Malta. The results showed that at least one out of 10 men do pay a woman to have sexual interactions with. The results further showed that the highest number of people who admitted to hiring escorts are men who are either married or have long-term partnerships. This shows that a man will go to any extreme to get the right sexual satisfaction regardless of their marital status.

What is paid sex?

This is the process where a man pays a particular amount of money to a woman in exchange for sexual pleasures. It could be real sex services or other intimate escort services that they may agree on.

What kind of men pays for sex?

Although any man can pay for sex, the report conducted on men who pay for sex stated that the highest percentage of men who seek these paid services are the men who hold good positions in society. These people have excellent careers, well-paying jobs, and even prominent people in governments among others. The most interesting part is that most of these men range from the age of 25 to 34. So, this is a man who is at the peak of his life, wants to live a good life, and at the same time have a good time. These men are also exposed and are likely to meet with escort girls on areas that they visit.  At such ages, the majority of these men are not ready to settle down and thus, maybe having different partners.

Is paid sex safe?

Dealing with multiple partners means that you are exposed to different people with a different state. Therefore, getting infected if not careful can be quite fast in this case. Keep in mind that the Maltese escorts deal with different partners and although they take precautionary measures to ensure their health is safe, you are not guaranteed that all the prostitutes you lay with are free of STDs and Aids. Research shows that about 16 percent of men who pay for sex end up contracting STDs or chronic diseases like Aids. So, even if it is fun and convenient to get the right sex by paying for it, it is crucial to keep in mind that you are exposed to the risk of contracting diseases and other infections.

Why do men seek escort services?

Why would a man with a good career, maybe with a trophy wife still find the need to look for another woman for sex encounters on paid terms? Although there is no single research that has given a concrete reason as to why men seek for escort services in Malta, there are a few assumptions outlined. They include;


Men also love attention and the idea of being needed by a woman. If this is lacking in their life at the moment, they may seek such services from escort websites. There is also a category of men who hire call girls not for sexual services but rather for companionship. They feel the need to have a woman around them, to talk to, or even just listen to them. Also, if a man is married and does not get the right companionship with his partner, he may look for it somewhere else even if it means paying for it.

Good sex

If you are paying for it then you are guaranteed to get the perfect sex of your life. VIP escort girls are well skilled on how to satisfy a man in bed, regardless of his experience. So, if you are a man attending a meeting far from home, and you need a woman to satisfy your sexual needs for a night or two, you may consider hiring an escort girl in Malta. 

Because it is easy

Some men are not good at approaching and taking in a woman to maybe have sex with him. There is nothing that brings a man down other than a rejection from a woman, or the lack of confidence to approach a woman in public places like the club. So, the only easy and convenient way to find a woman without any or much resistance is by paying her. The escorts specialize in this job as their full-time career, and getting a booking from a client is always a big deal to them as long you are paying well, and you are trustworthy. So, as a man, you end up getting the woman you desire and the kind of sexual adventure you want to have. You could check out for the best call girls here if you live in Malta.

There is a lot of freedom

Unlike before where men focused on working hard in school, securing a job, and moving out of their parent's house at a particular age to start their own families. Nowadays some men live for as long as they can with their parents. You may find a man who is in his 30s still living with his folks. But, how do such men get their sexual desires met by a woman? It is very simple; all they need to do is find a good woman to have sex with far from their parent's house. Also, the possibility of getting their desired woman easily makes it a good option for men to pay for sex.

For sexual satisfaction

This is crucial for men who are either married or engaged to women with low sex drives. Some women experience low libido due to various hormonal changes, or when they hit a specific age. Therefore, if a man is not getting quality and the sex they need from their partner, they may opt to look for an escort girl and pay for sex. This is one of the safest ways to save your marriage and maintain a good relationship with your partner because there is no long term attachment with the escort girl you pay for sex.