Professional Escorts in Malta: Separating Myths from Reality

If you considering the career of professional companion or are just starting as an escort in Malta, you would probably come across people who have never ever practised in the adult industry but claim to know a lot about its ins and outs. The job of the escort, similar to other sex-related occupations is considered somehow shadowy and secretive – a view which gives rise to all sorts of theories and speculations – most of which are totally fictitious. It is hard to protect yourself from such sentiments and preserve your good judgement, so let’s try and dispel some of the most common myths. By separating facts from fallacies we hope to help new or prospective escort girls, as well as new and prospective clients who could all be left feeling a bit overwhelmed by the flagrant and scandalous pictures existing in the public imagination. 


Myth: All escorts are stunningly beautiful


If your perception of a beautiful woman starts and finishes with the image of a tall slender blonde, then the above statement is totally incorrect.  Escort girls certainly do not conform to rigid beauty typecasts. Not all of them could be considered conventionally good-looking because being an escort is nothing like modelling. A successful Maltese escort girl needs to appeal to the taste and expectations of a certain class of customers, and there are as many preferences as types of women you can think of. Companions can be tall, short, thin, heavyset, or anything in between. What they need is confidence, pleasant manners and the ability to read their customer’s needs. That is quite enough for a start. In time, most call girls develop their brand and create an image corresponding to their inner picture of themselves and their clients’ impression. Of course, if you aspire to join the ranks of the elite companions, the agency you apply to might have requirements for certain physical qualities.  Generally speaking though, for escort girls who advertise in most erotic directories, there are more important things than purely physical characteristics.  We are talking about approachability, social skills, and erotic appeal which does not necessarily overlap with classical beauty measurements.


Myth: All escorts in Malta are insanely sexy and have perfect body measurements  


Local escorts are certainly not expected to have 32-24-34 measurements. Far from it! Anybody shape is fine because most body shapes you can think of are in demand by one customer or another. You get the curvaceous girls as well as the skinny ones, those with big thighs, boobs and bums, or those without, the long and short-haired ones, the young, the middle-aged, the mature ladies, and everyone in between. Not all men dream about a vixen-type woman or lust after the sexy, raunchy look! Some would like to book an escort with a girl-next-door vie, others look for someone with a quietly studious appeal, and others yet get all excited about a matronly figure. Older men sometimes specifically enquire about older escorts who tend to make them feel more comfortable and are viewed as able to establish more natural connections with the customers. Being personable and warm is essential in the business and is often considered more important than having the perfect facial symmetry and height/weight ratio. This is especially so if the client is hoping to be listened to and get acknowledged on a more individual level.

Myth: Men who book escorts are usually freaks


With the statistics showing that a substantial percentage of men book escort services in Malta at some point in their life, it is patently obvious that not all clients are weirdoes. We can’t pretend that creeps do not exist, but in fact, they constitute a tiny minority, given the total number of adult services consumers. Most guys you will see as an escort will be completely, even boringly normal – which is completely understandable once you become aware of the primal motivations of men who see prostitutes.  True, some customers have very specific unorthodox, unsatisfied fantasies they are probably unable to fulfil within other relationships.  Generally, though, the customers are just regular guys who have found themselves in need of intimacy, or wanting some conversation and/or some sex. They come from all sorts of social backgrounds, and various settings - unhappy marriages, or otherwise happy but sexless relationships, or loss of partners, loneliness, bereavement. And, imagining them all as unattractive does not have many roots in reality either! Some of the customer’s handsome, presentable, confident, in good jobs and earning well. They all have their own reasons to see sex workers. There are the men who work so hard they cannot spare the time to find a girlfriend or men who have just been unlucky on the dating scene. There are the men with demanding careers who have decided to put their personal life on the backburner, so they are happy with the occasional encounter here and there while building careers and professional reputation. There are the disappointed guys left heartbroken from previous relationships who have decided to drop out of the dating tracks altogether. They fill in the gap in their intimate lives by seeing companions and are happy for the liaisons which allow them simple interaction without the risk of emotional heartache.  There are those who simply want to experience life fully before committing. Labelling all clients as odd or socially abnormal is reductive and unfair, especially when the majority of these men are perfectly mannered, sensible and trustworthy.


Myth: Escort work is all about sex


Being a call girl in Malta is mainly about the ability to connect to people.  Communication, companionship and empathy are at the core of the profession. Yes, sex can be a big part of it and plenty of men search the directories with the single intention of finding a sexual partner. Nonetheless, if you think all you need to do as an escort is to provide sex, you are not simply wrong, but in all probability, you won’t be able to fulfil your earning potential. Not all men asking to book you will be in a dire need of sexual relief. Some will actually need conversation and attention, or just the company of someone who would allow them to feel good about themselves. You could be asked to accompany them to a dinner or give them a nice sensual massage, with our without sex to follow, so you need to develop your social skills and potential for empathy alongside your sexual expertise. You should be open to interaction and able to respond not just to physical, but also to emotional needs.


Myth: Escort always need to provide the kinkiest of sex


Some guys really desire the most ordinary sex, and nothing else. Some are not even that much into the sexual act itself and are happy to have a great relaxing massage, followed by a nice chat, and some kissing and cuddling. Why else do you think the girlfriend experience is one of the most requested services, even from top-class escort girls? Contrary to what some might imagine, customers don’t always crave porn-style escapades. Some are very happy to pay for an evening that consists of a dinner in a nice restaurant, lovely intimate conversation, and perhaps a scented bath, followed by satisfying conventional sex. Of course, customers with fetish requirements look for specialised escort girls and if you choose to practise in that field, you would be expected to cater for some less orthodox fancies – and receive an appropriate payment for your skills.


Myth: All escorts get very rich, very soon


It is true that professional Maltese prostitutes have excellent earning potential, but even those working at the top level cannot be guaranteed super-fast bucks and consistently high earrings. Therefore if you are hoping to become filthy rich in a record time, you have to moderate your expectations. Yes, your career can be financially rewarding, but you have to plan it well and be savvy – it is a proper business, with its own ups and downs, ebbs-and-flows.  Like all freelancers, escort girls can be affected by the variability of their income.  Sometimes earnings are high or can be predicted for months ahead due to regular bookings. Other times you can be less busy and you will then see a dip in your profits. Learn to budget. While not exactly associated with the glamourous escort scene, budgeting is an essential skill for a professional call girl. Successful escorts draw plans, think ahead about their financial arrangements and always try to put a bit of money aside to get them through less productive months. To earn well, you have to be pro-active. The business won’t always come to you - oftentimes you have to follow the work. That means being prepared to travel and to respond to the changes in the market.  If you can’t find enough work in your area, look around and cast your net wide.  Learn to advertise escort services and publicise your image professionally, utilising all available platforms – websites, social media, online directories. Invest time and efforts in cultivating your following. And always encourage repeat bookings for good clients whose custom will sustain you through changeable times.